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T H E   S T O R Y   O F  

" M A R L E Y S " 


We opened our first little Folkestone restaurant back in December 2018. Surviving a tough climate for Hospitality of lockdowns and the cost of living crisis, we’re incredibly excited to have relocated to this bigger venue whilst celebrating our 5th birthday, at the end of 2023. 


M A R K  &  C H A R L Y 


Meeting at uni in 2011 and instantly becoming "inseparable", we quickly adopted the nickname 'Marley' by friends. Studying Hospitality Business Management, we always had a love for this amazing industry... So after graduating, and working at some prestigious restaurants both here and abroad over the years, we finally came home to Kent and opened our very own little place, using all the knowledge we'd gained from gastro pubs to fine dining. A casual and cosy feel, with detail-focused, ultra-friendly service and high food quality being priority. That's what we love when we eat out - and we're true foodies at heart. 


We really love Kent, its beauty and the fresh produce that this 'Garden Of England' by the sea has to offer. That's where we found our passion for reinventing hearty British comfort food, in a relaxed atmosphere. Just the way we like it.


“ W E   L O V E   L O C A L ”


It’s not just a slogan we can't back up. It’s a unique way of running a business, and it’s been the foundation of Marleys from the start. To be honest – the ‘Farm To Table’ concept is hard at times! But if the reward is finding the best produce that our surroundings offer - then it’s totally worth it. Being eco-conscious with a minimal carbon footprint is just a bonus, and something we're very proud to boast about.


We love supporting the local community and economy, and it's the foundation of what we do here. We know most of our suppliers by name, and we’re proud to say we work with the best local farmers, makers, butchers and bakers in Kent. 


Q U A L I T Y   A B O V E   A L L 


Creating dishes with ingredients this fresh means our main menu seems small to some, despite relocating to a slightly larger kitchen - but we still always strive to be inclusive. We’d never jeopardise quality over quantity, that’s just not the Marleys way. We've got lots of menu's serving a lot of different types of food. We serve weekend breakfast, plus lunch and dinner in the week. We're child friendly, fussy-eater friendly, and We've got a cosy lounge for your daytime coffee & cake or evening cocktail & snack needs, as well as our outside terrace - for a slice of Al Fresco Folkestone dining.


We've decorated, written and designed everything ourselves - from the menu's to this website,  from running our own socials to being here every single day to serve you. So we hope you like what we're doing here. It's really all for you. It's our passion and our dream.

We really hope to see you soon!

mark & charly


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